About Us

Our focus is on rapidly delivering customized information technology solutions to our clients by working to bridge the gap between advanced technology and people. To achieve this goal, we work in partnership with our clients to:
  • Understand the business problems that challenge our clients.
  • Evaluate workflow processes to determine how advanced technology concepts and products can be applied to improve productivity, enhance quality, reduce costs and gain competitive advantage.
  • Investigate and research available and emerging technologies while leveraging our clients' existing information systems infrastructures.
  • Implement open and creative quality technology solutions from a variety of vendors that work as a customized, coherent information system.
  • Empower our clients' human resources to make leapfrog advances by effectively planning and executing knowledge transfer, thus ensuring our clients' ability to independently use, support and expand customized solutions.

Corporate Values

Even though VarniTec Services is in a very dynamic business where change occurs very rapidly in Technology and Business, the thing that does not change is the Corporate Values that we established from the first day of doing business.

  • Consistently Add True Business Value and Exceed the Expectations of our Customers.
    At VarniTec Services we have such a high degree of pride in our work that we would rather not take a project on than risk not delivering for our clients. For us, anything short of outstanding is not good enough.
  • Create a highly productive and close knit corporate culture and working environment.
    Solutions that we deliver are only as good as our people. This is why we strive very hard to create a work environment where our consultants' needs are taken care of, so that they can focus on our clients' needs.

VarniTec Services has helped companies implement the following Content Management solutions to help their companies gain a competitive edge:

  • Content Creation
    A Content Management Solution allows business users to create content directly on-line without any knowledge of HTML. Templates control areas of the site that content can be changed and can restrict fonts and styles to only the ones that are acceptable for the site.
  • Workflow and Security
    A Content Management Solution allows different business groups to have direct access only to the content areas that they own. A workflow process allows users to have different roles in the content creation process with authors, editors, and approvers of content.
  • Change Management
    Through workflow and change management by keeping track of content versions allows organizations to manage quality and control of their content.
  • Personalization
    A content management solution can deliver content direct to the appropriate users.
  • Content Syndication
    Content Syndication allows organizations to share content across multiple organizations or technologies as well as aggregate content from multiple sources.


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