Network Security

Cybersecurity should be high on any business continuity list. Here are what we can provide:

At VarniTec Services, we take network security services very seriously. We support many clients in the GTA, also we provide specialist network security services all over Canada and internationally. With a high emphasis on data security, multi-layer firewalls, authentication and threat protection, we ensure that our systems are impenetrable, reliable and fast without compromising simplicity for the people that count on accessing company data most.


Network audit and assessment

Gaps and misconfiguration in your network allow data to leak out faster and might result in network breaches and ransomware attacks. Engage our team to audit your network access and to resolve vulnerabilities. We'll assess your wireless, firewall, VPN, content filtering, cloud file storage services, servers, and individual computers to ensure that your data is safe. If everything checks out, you'll sleep better at night, or otherwise, we'll suggest (and explain why) some optimal alternatives to improve the security of your operations.


How can we help with your network?

We build the best infrastructure for your budget and scale of needs. Partnered with Cisco Meraki, Ubiquiti, Netgear, HP, Bitdefender, Apple and Microsoft, we can customise networks to be cloud-managed so that you can log in from anywhere to configure and make amendments. Alternatively, we can keep your solution onsite and at a budget for small business without compromising functionality to the end-user.

Our services include:

Network Printer Configuration

Network printing and scanning. We also provide the corporate printing solutions.

Troubleshoot Connection

We find the root of the problem and fix it.

Security Policies

Keeping unwanted guests out.

Network Connectivity

If your network is exposed to the outside world, you’re risking some serious business downtime.

Wireless Networking

Large campus or small office deployment. We can make secure access as simple or as difficult as necessary.

Mail Protection

Email is a simple way for hackers to gain access or scam. Do not overlook your mail protection!

Remote Network Access

Gaps in your network allow data can leak out faster.

Security Auditing Services

Is your business cyber secure? Let the experts confirm it for you.

Device Management

Embrace mobility without compromising your intellectual property.

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