Website & Email Hosting

Your business cannot be a success if it doesn’t invest in its online presence. Web hosting is important for your business.

While making various marketing strategies, most companies overlook the importance of good web hosting. Hosting becomes the major reason for their low reach and they say "you should build our website before building your workplace." It's a true statement! Your site represents your company to the world.

In this competitive market, you need to have good hosting for your website in order to maintain a presence on the web. It helps reach and serve audiences at their demand which makes them more likely to chose you as a vendor or customer.

Investing in a good hosting service provider is an essential part of establishing your business online. That's where we come to service you, having the trust of more than 2000 commercial websites on our servers.

What is web hosting?

To understand web hosting, here are some simple breakdowns.

When you create web pages, you usually create several documents. These documents must be kept secure and for easy access from the web. This can be done through the web hosting provider.

We, as a Hosting company use servers called data centers. We replicate our servers through other large data centers globally to maximize speed and keep uptime guarantee. i.e.: in case one data center is having issues, we fail-over to another to keep your site up all the time.

Our Hosting Services

We provide software services, infrastructure, connectivity that are necessary for the launch of online websites, scheduled backup, a dashboard to organize, maintain and update your website. A web server is a server that keeps websites available on the web.

Difference Between a Domain and a Web Hosting

A domain name is your website’s address on the internet that people can type to access it. They are often one-word or short phrases that may be highlighted in text to give them more visibility. Each domain is a unique web address.
Domain names are paid once a year and they are inexpensive.

Web hosting is where you store the building blocks of your website on a company server so it can be available 24/7 and provide easy accessibility by visitors through an internet browser on any device - from desktop computers to smartphones, tablets, or e-readers.
Hosting has a monthly fee which is also inexpensive, depending on the traffic and size of your website.

Domain & Web Hosting are two different terms but both are essential to create and maintain your own site.

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