Data and Password Recovery
  Our team of experts can recover data from hard drive failures, crashes, vandalism, etc.  Basically we can recover your data from almost any disaster and can provide you with a free estimate.
  Also password recovery can be performed on almost all environments, including USB sticks, SD cards, Windows and Apple systems.
  We have certified experts to take care of your networking needs, making sure your computers and network run at optimal performance and highest productivity rates.  You can outsource your entire organization to our dedicated experts with over 22 years of experience in the field.
  Security Camera Installations
  We are certified to implement IP based security cameras for your organization, so you can view the required activity securely from any web connection or smartphones throughout the world.  The system may store years of video for reviewing purposes and to abide with legal requirements.
  We have our own dedicated servers in 4 global locations to provide 99.999% uptime for your organization. Our plans are affordable and expandable with your business.
  Web Design
  We can create customized templates for your website needs, using the latest available technologies.
  Laptop and Computer Sales and Customization
  We can provide your organization with customized laptops or computers, pre-installed with custom software to minimize cost and maximize productivity.


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